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GameWorld January 23, 2014 Brain & Puzzle
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Sweet Line Puzzle Adventure is a single elimination casual games, fantasy lucky Hansel and Gretel came manor, witness colorful candy colors, shining star, do the most cool candy blasting killer, let us take a big battle bumper candy.
Game Features,
1, a variety of sweet and delicious candy bumper role.
2, cool and fresh game screen.
3, smooth gaming experience.
4, the gameplay is simple, but you want to completely get started challenging.
5, detailed screen and intuitive operating instructions, easy to use.
6, support QQ, micro letters, text messages, e-mail sharing capabilities.
Gameplay is very simple,
1, Sweet Line two or more candies can connect to eliminate.
2, Sweet Line with lianliankan, find your sister, eat candy and other games like monster with a time limit.
3, Sweet Line with the gold miners, such as games like Bubble Bobble has a lovely score limit.
4, while the more bumper eliminate sweets, score will get more.
Levels, time, scores triple pressure, can you pass it?
Not the same as Candy Line waiting for you to play.Flow me.